Creatine Glycerol Phosphate

Creatine Glycerol Phosphate

Creatine Phosphate, a material naturally manufactured in our liver, pancreas and kidney works as an instant type of energy for the contraction of muscle as well as its growth. Due to these qualities, individuals have used creatine glycerol phosphate as a dietary supplement to improve athletic and weightlifting  efficiency. Prior to taking creatine glycerol phosphate, you should know some of the possible negative effects and talk to a doctor.

Stomach Pain

Stomach pain is a typical complication with regards to creatine glycerol phosphate. When you start taking creatine glycerol phosphate, you might start to encounter diarrhea, nausea,  or appetite loss. This problem occurs since creatine glycerol phosphate might not be easily digestive and absorbed in your digestive system. In cases like this, use less of it and gradually boost the amount you’re taking to the suggested dose. If you’re still not able to endure creatine glycerol phosphate, you must stop using it.

Muscle Cramps

According to MayoClinic, creatine glycerol phosphate could cause muscle cramps. Muscle cramps can sooner or later result in muscle breakdown, which might evolve to a torn muscle. In case you start to have muscle cramps, you must quit taking creatine glycerol  phosphate to avoid additional injury or muscle breakdown. Go to a doctor in case you have are experiencing muscle issues.

Damage to the Kidneys

Your kidneys might be damaged whenever you are taking creatine glycerol phosphate. Side effects associated with damage in the kidneys  include flank pain decreased urine production and red-tinged urine. In case you are going through these side effects, you must instantly quit taking creatine glycerol phosphate and let your doctor know about the urinary problems you are going through. Individuals with known kidney issues shouldn’t take creatine glycerol phosphate.


According to MayoClinic, Creatine glycerol phosphate could cause nervousness, aggression or irritability and anxiety in some individuals. In cases like this, you must lessen the dosage of your creatine glycerol phosphate to get rid of some unwanted side effects.


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